Transition Your Landscape From Summer To Fall

Dated: September 9 2021

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The long days of summer are beginning to fade, but that doesn't mean your landscape has to. You may be ready for cooler days and all-things-pumpkin-spice, but it's not quite 

time to put away the garden tools. Follow these lawn-and-garden tips to enjoy a lush an vibrant landscape throughout autumn. 

Now is the time to plant trees and shrubs. They are typically on sale in alte summer, and their roots grow better in the cooler soil of fall. 

You can keep your lawn healthy by raking dead grass and over-seeding if necessary. Don't forget to keep watering your lawn and landscaping. 

Perennials add color. Garden mums, goldenrod , fall sedum, and asters do well in most areas and keep some color in your yard. 

Start prepping your flower garden for next year. Plant colorful bulbs that Bloom in the spring, including crocuses, tulips and daffodils. 

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